Craigslist, Cast360, Fliers and Failure

I have no idea how to do this.

I’m trying to keep this in perspective, one little step at a time, you know? I have been incredibly lucky to encounter musicians, photographers, and film editors eager to help me on my grand budget of $6 (I’m saving!). The thing is though, even with all of these gracious people, it won’t really mean anything until I have some faces and voices for the pilot. Am I being too vague? How the hell do people cast for shows, any way? I guess they offer money.

I’ve posted on craigslist for actors, on a casting website, and put up some fliers around campus and town. So far it hasn’t really accrued anything. I’m trying to tell myself that it’s early, and that my lack of experience in this project is going to make everything take a little longer but…dammit, I really don’t want it to.
How can I make this work?

The Casting Call

I have to admit, it feels like I’m looking for a date.

Six of them.

I’m not an actor. I don’t have the social prowess to grab someone on the street and tell them, you could be a star! I’m a mouse, i’m a fly on the wall. And for that reason I kinda feel like I’d be a pest. Not that I am, mind you, I’m adorable. But to find people willing to work with me, knowing I may be rejecting some of them off of arbitrary merit, it’s going to be tough.

Some of my auditions I may see as more of a friend. For some it’s not them, it’s me. For some it is them, not me. Who knows, the whole process is like speed dating.

At least it is in my mind. I’m debating about putting the casting up for voting, so if I do wind up having any people interested in following this silly project, they can also input who they’d like to see more of.

I dunno. Good luck to everyone who is willing to try!

So I had this idea…

We all have things we dream about doing in life, things we may think are crazy to pursue. I do all the time. When I was little I wanted to be a marine biologist. I’ve wanted to be an artist, a writer, a musician. As you get older, you start drifting from them. Reality, bills, ordinary life kick in. Your dreams turn into hobbies, and you sort of let them.

This one crazy dream of mine, though, I want to see through.  A long time ago I had this idea for a couple of characters. These characters all had stories, and when I followed them, I came up with this idea for a show: The Fried Liver Attack.

The Fried Liver attack is the story of a fledgling band on their rise to fame. It follows Nick, Keith, Sidney, Tom and their friends on their way from garage band to headliners.

I’ve already made these characters and started their journey. Now I need your help to bring it to life. I am currently looking to cast for roles. Visit the cast page for more details on the roles and to submit your video audition.


This is all my little dream. No budget, no big studios, nothing but limitless caffeine and some optimism. If you’d like to help, or want to offer some support, moral or otherwise, don’t hesitate to drop me a line!


Kira Blaus-Plissner